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I. Vultures In The City

Ambient music:
As he enters the room he opens the AITL and reads the announcement:
💀 Communiqué du Quartier
-Suite a la création du canal de défence civile, canal mixte FI/Corpo par Agramf chef de corpo Aliance, en guise de représailles a un simple contrat sur sa personne.
-Suite a ses provocation est insultes disimulés dans un canal de négociation.
-Suite a son attaque directe contre la banque de Bragg, vénerable du Quartier
Deux boutiques d'alliance ont été fermées par le Quartier comme avertissement mais ça n'a pas suffi .
Agramf a attaqué le sud par son mercenaire Fract le lendemain.
Le Quartier déclare la guerre a la corporation alliance.
Ce message a vocation a prévenir les salariés de l'Alliance que si il veulent pas se retrouver coincer entre l'ego d'Agramf et nos agris, il feraient mieux de demissionner le temps que ca se tasse.

He dives deep into his thoughts:
There is no simple contract. When an Imperial citizen kills another, the cloning center has to spend valuable resources to create another clone to keep our population alive. As if we don’t spend enough on war against the rebels and against rats in the Underground. Spilling imperial blood has to stop permanently . I am not even sure if they consider them self imperialists anymore. They killed so many citizens, that it could be called a genocyde.
Instead of helping the war effort they do this for money, pleasure or simply, to feel strong. I will never understand their reasoning. If the rebels don’t destroy us, the South will.
This isn’t the first time though. They would ask for payment in advance and if the shop wouldn’t pay, they would come during the night and kill everyone who is working or who is accidentally there, no exceptions. They will even find false reasoning to justify their behaviour. Make up lies of corruption and whatnot.
They have no hesitation to post all kinds of fake announcements to justify their behaviour. It’s unbelievable. I am not sure if anyone believes them, but they sure do believe it. Otherwise they would not separate themselves from the rest of the city.
The act of separating north and south was one of the biggest mistakes that we could have made. Not being united led to a civil war, maybe more than just 1 that I witnessed. From the civil war, only those who want to bring it down can and will profit.
The Quartier doesn’t care about the bigger picture, nor they are capable of seeing it. They live like there is no tomorrow and look for the next big score. Is it in their nature to thrive in the chaos? Do they want to be feared or respected out of fear?
We need Your Guidance, for the sake of the sector.
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I. The Beginning
30 Mai 2020
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