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Activating curative nanites...

ERROR: Incurable condition detected
[Severe leucism, clone affected by

Restarting process...

Clone deemed viable by Cloning Center quality control.

Imminent tank exit.




Among the immortals, here you are, Icarus.

Know this: you are not special,
You will never be the hero of this tale.
Placed here in the world,
When it no longer wants you, you will fade away.

Let this thought sink deep within you,
Engrave it intimately so it becomes one with your being.

Do you see? Grandiosity is reserved for the mad.

You are a person of common sense;
Your caution will shield you from risk,
And from it will stem your prudence.

Walk forth now,
For the gates of the Dreadcast City lie open before you.
Walk, so that one day, perhaps, you may soar.




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09 Juillet 2024
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  • Zlatows (32☆) Le 10 Juillet 2024
    Go forth and be part of the greatness that is our birthright.
  • Ozlem (171☆) Le 12 Juillet 2024
    It always sounds more epic in english.